Wednesday, 2 August 2017


DAY 90 - BELHAVEN TO COINJOCK (88.6 Mi.)  (Mi. 202 to Mi. 136)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 ~ We left the dock at 7:30 am on a calm but cool morning (59 F) for a 10 mile cruise on the Pungo River.  We then entered the Alligator River-Pungo River Canal for 20 miles.  This is a scenic, heavily wooded but relatively narrow canal.  The waters were extremely calm today, almost without a ripple.  At 9:00 am we entered the 25 mile long Alligator River.  Here we saw a lot of playful dolphins.  After the Alligator River we are in the Albemarle Sound (14 mi.).  There are numerous crap pots to watch out for, but 99% were not in the channel if we stayed on the magenta line.  Only Albemarle Sound and the North Carolina Cut are left before we reach our destination.  At 11:30 am we docked at Coinjock Marina, Coinjock, NC. (Mi. 50). This was our fastest run so far, averaging 22 miles per hour.

Homes along the North side of the Pungo River.

Entrance to the Alligator River - Pungo River Canal
and the Wilkeson Bridge in the background.

Calm waters in the Alligator River -Pungo River Canal.

Years ago there was a forest fire so there are a lot of dead
trees  and tree stumps but the secondary growth is starting.

Look at the reflection in the calm water of the canal.

The Alligator River Bridge (vert. cl. 14') at mile 84.2 opening.
The Alligator River was also very flat.

Our location on the ICW at Coinjock, mile 50.

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