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Monday, August 14, 2017 ~ The alarm went off at 5:30 am.  I tried to get up and all of my muscles were so sore.  Locking thru is hard work.  It was a cool morning, only 58 F when we left the dock at 6:20 am.  There were numerous delays between locks today.  Sometimes we were waiting for the locks to be filled.  Between Lock 19 and Lock 20 we had to wait for dredging barges to get out of our way.  We are finally at Lock 21 which is our first lock going down and locking thru is much easier.  At 1:45 we are at the first of seven Oswego Locks.  Unfortunately Lock 1 did not let Lock 2 know that we were on our way and we had another half hour delay.  Don’t forget the locks close at 5:00 pm.  We are ready to offer ‘donations’ to the locks to allow us through.  We leave Lock 6 at 4:50 and they say Lock 7 will allow us thru.  Now we only need Lock 8 to stay open a few minutes later or we will be stuck having to spend the night on a lock wall without power.  The Lock 7 lock master called Lock 8 and they said to us “Because you are LADY V they will lock you thru”.  I had tears in my eyes.  We locked thru at 5:20 pm.  We had secured a slip at the Oswego Marina, which also closed at 5:00 pm but she stayed and we docked at 5:25 pm.  Our final and successful 12 hour day.

Beautiful morning mist on a man-made portion of the
Erie Canal.

Erie Canal Lock 19 with a bridge in front of it.
This is our first lock today.

Dredging on the set side of Lock 19.

A deadhead in the middle of the Erie Canal.

A spillway and taintor gate.

A spillway is a structure used to provide controlled release of
flows of water from a dam into a downstream area.

Oswego Lock 8.
Looking into Lake Ontario from Oswego Marine.

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