Friday, 28 July 2017


DAY 83 - CHARLESTON CITY MARINA TO MCCLELLANVILLE (39.9 mi.) (Mi. 469.2 to Mi. 430) 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 ~ We left the dock at 8:10 am.  It’s a cloudy overcast day.  The waterway is wide and we can cruise at a nice speed through most of the areas.  At about 10:30 am some dark clouds developed.  We were only a few miles from Leland Marina, McClellanville and decided that we should stop there to wait out the storm.  By the time we were turning into the marina channel is was pouring rain.  The dock master called us and said he would meet us on the dock.  Even with a raincoat on I got drenched, but we managed to dock safely.  The rain persisted for over an hour and so we decided to stay here the night.  McClellanville is an old-fashioned fishing village (population 475) on Jeremy Creek.  They however have beautiful floating docks.  After lunch we spent time on studying our trip for tomorrow and then we took a walk.  There was a fresh seafood store, however, the shrimp boats right now are not catching much shrimp.  A boat was out for 5 hours and just brought back ten pounds of shrimp.  There were no fresh ones to buy.

This is what happens when you get off course and hit a shoal.

A beautiful wide open area for some fast cruising.

Typical coastline structures - A long dock with a cabana on tall
pylons and then a smaller floating dock with a ramp to allow
for the tide and a place to tie up your boat.

The torrential rain in Jeremy Creek, McClellanville
Shrimp boats at McClellanville

Deerhead  Oak Tree ~ Over 1,000 years old ~  The tire swing on
the left has invited children for decades to oscillate beneath
the tree's massive boughs.

Circumference 30.6 feet
Longest limb 70 feet
Age over 1,000 years

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