Saturday, 20 August 2016


MI 158.5 - MI 48.8 = 109.7 miles

Wednesday, August 17, 2016.  Up before dawn hence I finally have a sunrise picture!  We left the marina at 6:30 am when there was enough light to see all of the debris floating in the river.  The weather radar was showing some rain and we had clouds all day including some very dark ones.  Due to that we shortened our destination today by 48.8 mi.  and anchored in Little River Diversion Channel.  This is a delightful anchorage offering a break from passing tow traffic.  The run today was interesting with areas of turbulence due to the bend-weir dams and some areas as flat as glass..  Debris seems to always be floating in the 5 knot current of the Mississippi River.  Our eyes are constantly on the look out for logs.  This is Frans and my first time ever anchoring out on our own.  When the engines were turned off all you can hear are the crickets.  It is so peaceful.  I think I could get to love this!  

Sunrise at Hoppies Marina

A tug on the river with our a load

A tow crossing under a bridge

Rock Tower - Impressive little island

Trail of Tears, State Park, Bluff
Scenic Beach

The colourful Cape Giradeau River Wall
Little River Diversion Channel - Our Anchorage
A butterfly that came to play with us after we anchored

A tug on the Mississippi River passing our anchorage

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