Monday, 15 August 2016


It is Monday, August 15, 2016 and it is raining and foggy so we are staying put today.  Laundry is on the agenda. We had breakfast on board and lunch at the little restaurant at the marina.  After lunch we had a great walk around town.  It is very unfortunate that there so many closed stores on every street because Alton, incorporated as a city in 1837 has so much history - Lewis and Clark Tower, Melvin Price Locks and Dam, Miles Davis birthplace,  Lincoln-Douglas debate,  Riverview Park and Alton's 'Gentle Giant' Robert Wadlow who died as the tallest man in the world, reaching 8' 11.1".

A tug boat passing under the Lewis Clark Bridge

The Argosy Casino and the dark clouds bringing us more rain.

This grey structure contains more than 150 gage stations. From these stations the US
Army Corps of Engineers regulate the water flow in the region to promote navigation, water
supply, erosion control and to help prepare for situations such as flood and droughts.

The height the water reached in the 1993 flood

Miles Davis, one of the most influential American
jazz musicians was born here.

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate 1858
Lincoln beat Douglas in the 1860 Presidential election.

The walls of the Old City Hall

A cobble stone street in Alton, Illinois

A cypress tree - This species will not survive
in the Toronto Area

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