Sunday, 14 August 2016



It is Sunday, August 14, 2016 and we were allowed to sleep in.  Today as we leave the dock for our next marina we are on the Mississippi River starting at mile 218.  We are going 16 miles south to a marina closer to our next lock which we will do tomorrow.  The Alton Marina is very nice and very unusual because of all of the covered slips.  They are to protect the boats from the rain and the sun. Both Grafton and Alton can get severe rains and flooding so all of the buildings and docks float to protect them from a major disaster.  We got diesel and received a discount because we are Boat U.S. members.  The family run grocery store offers free pickup for boaters from the marina so we picked up some provisions and had a tour of the town.  Imagination came in at about 4:30.  We will be travelling with them for a few days up the river.  The closest restaurant to us for dinner was in the casino.  After dinner as we walked down to the roulette table #29 came up.  I guess a good omen so Frans put some money down.  We always play the last number that came up which was #14.  It came up a second and third time in a row!!! It was time to walk away a winner which is exactly what we did.  A great way to end an evening.

The beautiful bluffs on the way to Alton Marina on the Mississippi River

Frans putting the antenna back up.
Our lowest bridge now will be 62' high.

The covered slips at the Alton Marina
Frans pulling a cart load of provisions.
Imagination - Michael and Cyndie Dyer
They will be completing their Great Loop Voyage in
Nashville, Tennassee.

A sunset in Alton showing the New Clark Highway Bridge.
This new 'Cable-Stay' bridge spanning 4,620 feet over the Mississippi River,
linking Illinois to Missouri was completed in 1994.
It contains more than 160 miles of cable wrapped in yellow plastic.

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