Tuesday, 23 August 2016


From GTB to the end of the the Cumberland and then entering the Tennessee River which starts at 25.4 miles we travelled to mile 206.7, completing 183.8 miles.

Sunday, August 21, 2016.  We were off the dock at 6:45 am. on another cloudy day.  Within a few miles we turned starboard into the Tennessee River.  It was so beautiful.  The river is wide with many breath taking inlets along our port side often with small fishing boats sitting at the mouth.  We passed only a few tugs along the way.  One was Janis R Brewer which was full of coal.  The tug master spoke to us telling us we have a nice boat.  It was a busy Sunday afternoon on the Tennessee River.  There were a lot of NO WAKE areas for fishing boats and private docks long the shoreline.  The shoreline was divided between areas of erosion from flooding and stone banks.  At 5:00 pm when we were at mile 200, seven miles from the lock.   We called the lock and were informed that we would have a two hour wait.  We slowed to idle speed for an hour.  After the tug entered the lock we were able to tie up to a mooring wall for another hour.  The Pickwick Lock goes up 55 feet.  We finally entered it at 7:15 pm.  The lock lights came on as we were ascending and the sun was setting.  The Pickwick Landing State Park was just around the corner.  It was 8:15 pm when we finally were docked in the dark and connected to power.  Our long day  was completed with a delicious supper of cabbage rolls and coleslaw.  

Sun rising over Lake Barkley

Fishermen on the Tennessee River

Ideal spot for a home on Cypress Creek

Louisville and Nashville Bridge with span removed.

JVESCO 1 - One of the few tugs we passed on the river

Scenic Inlet

Small Islands along the River

Cottages built on stilts along the waterfront.

Stone banks to prevent erosion

Areas showing erosion from flood waters. 

An abandoned dock.

Pickwick Landing Lock with Holy Angel Tug in it.

Pickwick Landing Lock with the lights turned on
as we are locking up.

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