Thursday, 25 August 2016


Columbus Marina 335 to Kingfisher Marina 216.2 = 118.8 miles

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - The Columbus Marina is only .3 miles from our seventh lock, Stennis Lock on the Ten-Tom .  We called the lock at 6:00 am.  Unfortunately Bobby Joe James was coming in and since they have priority we had to wait until 7:45 am to lock through.  We arrived at Bevill Lock at 10:00 and again we had to wait. This time for a northbound tug Alice Parker.  We have 41.7 miles before lock ten and our final lock on the Ten-Tom.  The Heflin Lock was available and we were thru by 2:15.  We still have a 48.9 mile run to the Kingfisher Marina.  Besides a few fishing boats and some cottages along the way we were able to make good time.  The scenery was spectacular and the canal was very windy in areas making the cruising interesting.  We filled up with diesel at the Demopolis Yacht Basin fuel docks before proceeding to the marina.  It is sweltering outside with the temperature in the high 30’s feeling like 45 C. 

Stennis Lock

Tug Bobby Joe James passing under the Illinois Central Railroad
Bridge and barges on the left side unloading scrap metal.

Cottage in the forest.

Scenic canal picture

Scenic canal picture

The US Montgomery Snag boat preserved here.
Snag boats are used to clear up the fallen trees that pile up
in shallow spots on the river.

Bendway Weir - These are usually underwater.
They are made to control the direction of the flow of the water
in the river.

The bluffs after Bevill Lock

The spectacular white cliffs of Epes.

Demopolis Yacht Basin fuel dock.
They fill up tows here.

LADY V in her covered slip at the
Kingfisher Marina, Demopolis, Alabama

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