Thursday, 25 August 2016


Midway Marina 393.8 to Columbus Marina 335.0 = 58.8 miles

Our fourth lock is just one mile away from Midway Marina.  After a phone call to the Fulton Lock at 7:00 am we got an all clear and left.  Our next lock, Wilkins was also a breeze.  Five miles down the waterway we are at the Armory Lock.  We cleared three locks and it is only 9:30 am!  Our next and final lock for the day is the Aberdeen Lock.  We are now on our way to Columbus Marina.  At 1:30 pm we are docked on a very nice wall.  We took their courtesy car into town and drove through the historical and new sections of town.  It is a larger town than we thought with a population of approximately 24,000.

Scenic picture after the Fulton Lock

The Mississippi Railway runs along the waterway on the east side.

Groves of trees in the Armoury Pool

Bird perched on a dead tree branch.

People working on a barge.

This is an 'Ox Bow', an inlet off of the waterway.

Aberdeen Dam

An alligator at the marina.
This ???Boat??? was in the Amory Lock with us and then came
into the Columbus Marina

This is what the captain does when I wear my
new tee shirt.

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